Amazon HQ2 Core & Shell

ZGF Architects
Arlington, VA
Kirsten Hassenfeld, Cita Sadeli, Jakie Head, JD Deardourff
Zen Lens
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Indiewalls spearheaded the project from curation to installation, embracing the challenge to not only complement the office's aesthetic but also reflect Amazon's ethos and diversity. The project particularly focused on showcasing the works of local artists from the Arlington community, while drawing inspiration from the office’s surroundings for the artworks themselves. This dynamic art program is diverse both in its representation of artists and backgrounds and the array of artwork types, with large-scale murals, suspended sculptures, mixed media works, wall reliefs, and original paintings. Indiewalls' role in the project, which ran from July 2021 to May 2023, encompassed an extensive range of responsibilities. Beyond art curating, the company was also deeply involved in artist contracting, fabrication supervision, installation, and the overall management of the art program’s timeline and budget to the complete satisfaction of the client. Working closely with Amazon, Seneca Group, and design firms NBBJ and ZGF, Indiewalls curators and project managers were in constant communication throughout, addressing challenges creatively and coordinating schedules effectively. One of the most significant installations is Kirsten Hassenfeld’s “Cherry Smash.” Hovering over the check-in desks at the Event Center, this piece uses thousands of upcycled objects to form a floral cascade that questions how culture reshapes nature.

Murals for All

Cita Sadeli’s mural “Pollinator's Promise” adorns a 2,500 square foot stairwell wall, celebrating the biodiversity of the Potomac River and the vital role of pollinators. Meanwhile, JD Deardourff’s mural “Free Birds” is inspired by a stroll through the United States National Arboretum. Both murals are visible through the transparent glass walls of the staircases, inviting public admiration.

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“There is an entire slack channel about HQ2 art, everyone loves it!”
Amazon Staff Member
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