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Amazon’s Art Engagement

Amazon’s passionate support of local art and artists is showcased throughout the shared spaces of this new Amazon office in Vancouver, Canada. The completed works reflect Amazon’s evolution, paying homage to the local roots of the region while adding a layer of delicate artistry, seamlessly blending historical narratives with contemporary expressions.

The collection of commissioned mixed media sculptures and installations are accompanied by insights into the artist process, inspiration, and representation of each piece. Amazon’s art program flourishes within the built environment and beyond, sparking curiosity and fostering a deeper connection to both art and community.

We invite you to explore!

Double Puddluv 1 & 2



Art Medium/Material:

Crepe paper, wood, mixed media


35”w x 35”h & 39.37"w x 39.37"h

Adriele Au

Born and raised in Vancouver, Adriele Au is an emerging artist interested in exploring the definition and purpose of home. She mixes traditional art mediums, like painting, drawing, and sculpture, with nontraditional art supplies, like building materials and found objects, to evoke the themes of domesticity, memory, place, and emotions. These themes are emphasized in her use of repetitive patterns within her hybrid pieces.

About the Artwork

As part of Adriele Au’s “Puddluv” series, these hybrid pieces use mixed media and found objects to explore the elements and nostalgia related to the idea of home. Party streamers and birchwood panels provide visual cues to the feelings of acceptance and uniqueness representative of the unfettered play and celebration that come from our connection with community, family, and friends.


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