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Amazon’s Art Engagement

Amazon’s passionate support of local art and artists is showcased throughout the shared spaces of this new Amazon office, housed in the iconic Lord & Taylor building on prestigious 5th Avenue. The completed works reflect Amazon’s evolution, while paying homage to the local roots of the region and weaving together design influences inspired by the building's rich legacy.

The collection of large-scale commissioned textile installations are accompanied by insights into the artist process, inspiration, and representation of each piece. Amazon’s art program flourishes within the built environment and beyond, sparking curiosity and fostering a deeper connection to both art and community.

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Love, Grandma Jo



Art Medium/Material:

Woven; Passementerie. Recycled Cotton, Jute, Terracotta, Lucite, Brass, Stainless Steel, Eucalyptus, Walnut, Solution Dyed Acrylic


18 ft W x 115 ft H (Fl. 2 - Fl. 10)

William Storms

An artisan fueled by mathematics, William Storms is a Brooklyn based Artist and Weaver. A graduate of NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology and ENSCI, Les Ateliers in Paris, FR, his art practice focuses on modern Passementerie, a traditional weaving technique of French origin. Collapsing weave structures and multi-warp hand manipulated weaving exemplify his ongoing exploration of three dimensional form in a commonly two dimensional art form.

About the Artwork

“Love, Grandma Jo" nods to the artist's relationship with the building's history. Storms' grandmother, Josephine, remained a loyal client of Lord&Taylor, unknowingly ingraining the Rose adorned signature box of L&T into Storms’ memory.

In conceiving this piece, the artist sought to create a work that acknowledged the building's history while evoking its future - anchored along its central axis; bold, refined, and inquisitive. While traveling the staircase, each viewer is invited to a new perspective of the work - the inter-floor mezzanines unveil a new artwork altogether; stacking multiple floors provides a unique composition as they flow from one to another. The resulting Textile Sculpture features over 300 handwoven yards (Loom Woven - Passementerie) and spans over 9 floors, evolving in color and material as it ascends Fl. 2 and comes to rest at its skylight crown on Fl. 10. What begins as Terracotta and Walnut (Fl. 2) evolves to Lucite and Brass (Fl. 10), a transition in materiality demonstrative of the landmark’s own story; a strong legacy basking in its newfound future, ever-placed in its home... the heart of Fifth Avenue.


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