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Love, Grandma Jo

William Storms


18 ft W x 115 ft H (Fl. 2 - Fl. 10)

Woven; Passementerie. Recycled Cotton, Jute, Terracotta, Lucite, Brass, Stainless Steel, Eucalyptus, Walnut, Solution Dyed Acrylic

About the Artist

An artisan fueled by mathematics, William Storms is a Brooklyn based Artist and Weaver. A graduate of NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology and ENSCI, Les Ateliers in Paris, FR, his art practice focuses on modern Passementerie, a traditional weaving technique of French origin. Collapsing weave structures and multi-warp hand manipulated weaving exemplify his ongoing exploration of three dimensional form in a commonly two dimensional art form.

About the Artwork

“Love, Grandma Jo" nods to the artist's relationship with the building's history. Storms' grandmother, Josephine, remained a loyal client of Lord&Taylor, unknowingly ingraining the Rose adorned signature box of L&T into Storms’ memory.

In conceiving this piece, the artist sought to create a work that acknowledged the building's history while evoking its future - anchored along its central axis; bold, refined, and inquisitive. While traveling the staircase, each viewer is invited to a new perspective of the work - the inter-floor mezzanines unveil a new artwork altogether; stacking multiple floors provides a unique composition as they flow from one to another. The resulting Textile Sculpture features over 300 handwoven yards (Loom Woven - Passementerie) and spans over 9 floors, evolving in color and material as it ascends Fl. 2 and comes to rest at its skylight crown on Fl. 10. What begins as Terracotta and Walnut (Fl. 2) evolves to Lucite and Brass (Fl. 10), a transition in materiality demonstrative of the landmark’s own story; a strong legacy basking in its newfound future, ever-placed in its home... the heart of Fifth Avenue.


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