Hundreds of Completed Projects 
Millions Paid to Independent Artists

Indiewalls is more than an art consultancy - we are catalysts of creativity and champions of local talent. Rooted in the belief that art is transformative, we curate bespoke art programs that beautify spaces and support local artists.

Our unique fusion of fine art and complex logistics sets us apart. For every project, a dedicated Indiewalls curator tailors the art collection to your vision, space, and brand while a dedicated project manager ensures that even the most complex projects are installed on schedule and on budget.

Big Blue Bear Statue, Denver

Contracted by the World’s Most Demanding Clients


Our fully distributed team covers every U.S. region 


Tailored Expertise for Every Project


You'll have a passionate and knowledgeable expert in art curation, creativity and cultural expression, bridging the gap between artistic vision and audience appreciation.

Production Specialist

A seasoned professional with a keen eye for detail, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless and efficient execution of every stage in the manufacturing process.

Project Manager

A skilled orchestrator of tasks and resources, leads cross-functional teams with precision to deliver complex projects on time and within scope.

Territory Manager

A strategic and results-driven professional, oversees and nurtures client relationships while effectively expanding market reach within their designated region.

Project Lead

A dynamic and organized lead, spearheads initiatives by coordinating team efforts, setting clear objectives, and ensuring successful project outcomes.

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what clients love

about indiewalls

High Volume Prints

Focus on Local Artists

Indiewalls has paid over $5,000,000 to local artists around the globe.

Bespoke Proposals

Every art proposal is unique, based on deep project research and curatorial narratives.

Hand-Painted Murals

Excellency in Complexity

Whether solving tricky creative challenges, or overseeing 7-figure art budgets, our team tackles complexities with intelligence and grace.

Integrated Production

All printing and framing is done in-house, with the highest standards of quality control.


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