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Roseline Al oumami


Fougères, Bretagne

Works In

Mixed Media


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Norman origin, I have, since my childhood artistic fiber by practicing dance, music and drawing.
In my 18 years in painful circumstances (my father's death), I had the privilege of receiving a solid education in Domfront home where I lived for many years by my late Sister Jeanne which I give here a tribute Sister Jeanne Dupont, artist name confirmed, Yvain Marnier, formed at the ABC School in Paris, professor of drawing, painting and music. She sponsored me at the time to present my work in various salons.
My first solo exhibition dates back in 1990 when I presented in Bagnole-de L'Orne my figurative paintings.
I received an award in 1990 at the international competition organized by the city of Deauville.
Other exhibitions succeeded.
I am also fortunate to have with me my husband who is constantly support me hanging my paintings with me from my earliest exhibitions.
From this union, we have seen two children born that fill my life and my time. A break of several years was necessary before resuming my brushes again.
My permanent exhibition at the gallery Arc-En-Ciel in Dinard (Brittany) in 2006 came to realize something of a new start as a professional. I have exhibited my work for a few years, combining figurative and abstract.
The year 2013 and always with the support of my husband, my work area was transformed into a beautiful workshop of a hundred square meters that I will share with other painters and sculptors for future events.

Roseline Al oumami Artwork by Roseline Al oumami

Songe III

Original: $1,100

Original: $3,000

Original: $6,500
Cosmos II

Original: $4,400
Danse colorée

Original: $2,300

Original: $11,000
La tempête

Original: $3,600

Original: $2,800
Un monde...

Original: $3,600
Aigue marine

Original: $1,100
Danse paisible

Original: $1,100

Original: $2,100