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San Francisco, California

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Lollie Ortiz, an imaginative and prolific designer, has a love of laughter and of humanity that emanates from everything she touches. Successfully switching direction and combining her years of experience in design, graphics, photography, character art and fine art, she is creating a more personal form of artistic expression in contemporary art and wall decor.

Lollie has been an artist since grade school and won awards during her early years which eventually let to a successful career in advertising and film design. She has also enjoyed the experience of being an actress, entertainment producer, toy inventor and product designer.

2016, Photo "Love_Alone", "Gravity of the Heart - Group Art Exhibit",
Art Brokers Inc, San Rafael, Feb 12 - March 4
2015 Photo “Song Bird Along” Bronze Winner for Summer 2015 ArtForward Contest
2015 Art Research for article on Don Record: Hollywood’s Other Lost Designer

2011 - Present / Rep by SF Stars Agency as Senior Talent for Film/TV/Web
2011 - Present / Art Director-Designer Product Designs _ Art Print Collections
2011 Photo "Memories" - Finalist-Ron Howard/Canon Imagination8 Competition

2010 Group Art Collection - Children’s Bureau, Los Angeles, CA
2010 McKinley Arts Solutions City Hall Exhibit, San Francisco, CA
2010 Fine Art Imaging - Give Thanks Campaign, Fort Collins, CO
2010 Art Collection Client's Room / Common Ground HIV Center, Santa Monica, CA
2010 ArtConnects, Los Angeles, CA / Community Art
2010 Art Buzz, The 2010 Collection Publication for Art Galleries Magazine

2009 Visual Aid’s “Big Blue Deal” Exhibit, San Francisco, CA
2009 Visual Aid’s “(after) Life Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
2009 J. Lucas Gallery “Icons & Art: Michelle & Barack” Exhibit, Provincetown, MA
2009 RTZ Company, Focal Point Murals Winner, Marietta, GA
2009 United Creations Online Showing - “Unisex Jeans” Photo Image
2009 Artwork Network Juried Show
2009 Negative Space / The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO

2008 Hands Theme Photo Exhibit, Gallery 159, Vallejo, CA
2008 Photographer’s Forum “Best of Photography Annual 2008”
2008 Everyday Objects Photo Exhibit, Gallery 159, Vallejo, CA
2008 Fragility Photo Exhibit, Gallery 159, Vallejo, CA
2008 Under 100 Exhibition, Root Division Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2008 Photos for A & E Wionna Ryder Biography, “Triple Treat TV”, New York
2008 Migraine Expressions Photo Selection, Published by Word Metro Press

2007 Hidden Gems Photo Exhibit, San Francisco Parks Trust
2007 The Art of Digital Show, Lyceum Theatre Gallery Exhibit, San Diego, CA
2007 Snap to Grid Exhibit, The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art Gallery
2007 Spring GrassExhibit, Planet Space Gallery, Memphis, TN
2007 ART for AIDS Benefit Auction, UCSF AIDS Health Project, San Francisco,
2007 American Juried Art Salon Online Gallery
2007 Swift Magazine Photo Selection, Online Publication

2006 Photographer’s Forum Best of Photography Annual 2006
2006 ART for AIDS Benefit Auction, UCSF AIDS Health Project, San Francisco,
2006 Photo Design Presentations, Apple Stores, San Francisco, CA

Lollie Ortiz Artwork by Lollie Ortiz

Silver Pitcher

Licensed Print from: $97
Four Lilies - A Touch of Color

Licensed Print from: $51
Four Lilies_Black & White

Licensed Print from: $51
Board Day

Licensed Print from: $97
Checkmate Vortex Square

Licensed Print from: $97
Rainbow Circles

Licensed Print from: $80
Rainbow Hues Light

Licensed Print from: $89
Rainbow Hues

Licensed Print from: $89
Rainbow Weave

Licensed Print from: $89

Licensed Print from: $88
Favorite Island View

Licensed Print from: $87
My Favorite Place Illustration

Licensed Print from: $96