Hugo Cantin


Montréal, Québec

Works In

Mixed Media
Digital Media
Installation Art


I've been collecting old movies for many years.
I enjoy visiting old bazaars and flea markets to scavenge a rusty unidentified reel…

So when I install a film and start the projector, it's an exhilarating moment rich in surprise and inspiration.
The authenticity of the archival footage touches me and it’s relative rarity make a matchless material.

I felt like diverting the film stock, bringing it back to life as a unique material...
Released from its coil, I start cutting, assembling, glueing, framing!
Like a metamorphosis of yesteryear cinema into contemporary artworks.

Uncoiled, accumulated, juxtaposed, the film strips are now a pictorial surface, a rhythm, a texture.
We find ourselves in front of a thousand images, we become witnesses of a fixed story... the time has stopped.

Hugo Cantin Artwork by Hugo Cantin

Lightbox Spektr #01 - Anita Berber

Original: $2,500
Lightbox Film Grid #01 - Silver Warhol

Original: $2,500
Lightbox Film Collage #88, Lines Vertical 1960, Norman McLaren

Original: $2,500
Lightbox Film Grid #04 - Goldie Teaserama

Original: $2,500
LIGHT BOX Pixels (17) - Geometric Abstraction

Original: $500
LIGHT BOX Ephemera (16) - CanCan Dancer

Original: $500
Snowy Forest Panorama 1 (black)

Licensed Print from: $96
Snowy Forest Panorama 1 (white)

Licensed Print from: $96
Snowy Forest Panorama 2

Licensed Print from: $96
Kids Fun at the Beach 1940s

Licensed Print from: $94
LIGHT BOX - Seaworld Underwater Film Collage

Original: $1,500
Garden Flower Panorama 1

Licensed Print from: $100