How It Works


Apply As An Artist

All artists must apply to make full use of Indiewalls. The application is simple and takes only a few minutes. There is no cost to apply, create your profile, or pitch your artwork. Apply Now!

Pitch Your Work

We believe that bringing you together with buyers will give the buyers better access to art and create new business opportunities for you. Buyers describe what they are looking for in a simple and accurate request, and you can pitch your most appropriate works directly to the buyer. You know your portfolio better than anyone, and we think you should be the one to show it off.

See What's Happening

We are focused on building tools that give you insights into the status of a particular project, what the buyer likes or doesn't, and information that will help you understand the likelihood that a project will go to completion.

Fulfilling The Order

Your artwork is exactly what the buyer was looking for, congrats! We're here to help bring the project to fruition, whether it's doing the large volume printing and framing, packing and shipping of original works, or brainstorming the custom production.