We Believe...

That art has a unique ability to tell stories.

And great stories spark moments worth sharing - encouraging action and reaction through art.

So design without art, is a story untold.

Indiewalls thus pursues to create the perfect partnership between those who design spaces and the artists who enrich them.

These interventions are enabled by matching visual storytellers to diverse spaces, while aiming to promote independent artists, enable creative collaboration, and elevate great design.


Design with Art

Our Team

Meghan Chizauskie

Associate Curator

Jeff Feibelman

Sales Representative
Miami, FL

Jacqueline Garner

Sales Representative
Dallas, TX

Ari Grazi

President & Co-Founder

Janine Guerin

Sales Representative
DC, Virginia, Maryland

Kate Homyk

Senior Sales Representative

Stef Hirsch

Senior Curator

Hillary Kent

Senior Sales Representative
California, Oregon & Washington

Nathan Lebovic


Sephora Markson

Senior Director, Marketing

Zoe Messinger


Lauren Schleider

Head Curator

Kat Shannon

Associate Curator

Ben Stanley

Associate Curator

Gavi Wolf

CEO & Co-founder

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