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Our Story

Art has a unique ability to tell stories. We believe that great stories spark moments worth sharing - encouraging action and reaction through art. Space without art is a story untold. To this end, we are driven by our pursuit of creating the perfect partnership between those who design spaces and the artists who enrich them.

The Indiewalls platform enables exactly these sorts of interventions. By matching visual storytellers to diverse spaces we aim to promote independent artists, enable creative collaboration, and elevate great design.

Indiewalls, Turning Spaces Into Stories.

Our Team

Chelsea Beeler

Sales Representative

Ari Grazi

President & Co-Founder

Kate Hardin

Sales Representative

Stef Hirsch

Curatorial Project Manager

Evan Hopkins

Software Engineer

Matt Hsiung

Software Engineer

Jay Kiecolt-Wahl

Sr Product Manager

Audra Lambert

Curatorial Project Manager

Nathan Lebovic

VP Engineering

Karen Lue

Curatorial Project Manager

Zoe Messinger

Curatorial Project Manager

Kirsten Nicholas

Marketing Manager

Regina Parkinson

Curatorial Project Manager

Lauren Schleider

Senior Curatorial Project Manager

Gavi Wolf

CEO & Co-founder

Where Are We?


Indiewalls Inc.
335 Madison Ave 16th FL
New York, NY 10017

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